Recipients 2006

International Support


Steinar Haga Kristensen

1 Jan – 1 Jan 2006

Participation in the Forsbacka Bruk Art Project, Forsbacka, Sweden.

Torbjørn Rødland

1 Feb – 1 Feb 2006

Screening of 132 BPM, (2005) P.S.1, MoMA, New York, USA. Curator: Robert Nickas, curator, P.S.1 MoMA

Matias Ring

11 Mar – 9 Apr 2006

Exhibition, Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Eivind Reierstad (Ane Lan)

16 Mar – 20 Mar 2006

Presentation at the VIPER international Festival for Film, Video and New Media, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland.

Andreas Tellefsen

17 Mar – 8 Apr 2006

Exhibition Amanita Verosa at Projekt 0047, Berlin, Germany.

Elisabeth Mathisen

1 Apr – 1 Apr 2006

Exhibition at The Wapping Project, London, UK.

Rakett (Åse Løvgren, Karoline Tampere)

7 Apr – 23 Apr 2006

Curating a show at the independent space Liquidacion Total, Madrid, Spain. Participating artists: Hilde Jørgensen, Psychedelic Warriors, Kristian Ø. Dahl.

Hans Christian Gilje

21 Apr – 21 Apr 2006

Screening of Night for Day, at La Cinématèque Francaise, Paris, France. Curator: Nicole Brenez

Are Viktor Hauffen

28 Apr – 11 Jun 2006

Group exhibition, Liquid Matter, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.

Bergen Center for Electronic Arts

1 May – 7 May 2006

Participation in the art Media Festival Version 06 ->:: Parallell Cities, Chicago, USA.

Rachel Dagnall

1 May – 1 Jun 2006

Participation in the exhibition Phantom at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bjørn Kowalski Hansen

1 May – 1 May 2006

Project with Fantastic Norway and HåkkiTM. Travel grant for Willy and the Hitchikers from Ljungaverk, to DesignMai 2006, Berlin, Germany.

Karianne Stensland

1 May – 1 May 2006
Participation for High Heel Sisters at the performance event Focus on Human Factor at ARS 06, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland.

Kristin Sæterdal

1 May – 1 May 2006

Particiaption in exhibition, Textile Expressions in Contemporary Art, M.K. Ciurlionis National Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Torpedo (Anna Carin Hedberg, Elin Olaussen, Karen Tandberg)

1 May – 1 May 2006

Travel grant for research of collaborators and bookshops/publishers in Berlin, Germany.

Kristin Tårnesvik

1 May – 1 May 2006

Travel grant for production of the video New York Look-alike, New York, USA.

Karl Ingar Røys

2 May – 18 May 2006

Exhibition and presentation of Erna?s video as part of Border Crossing, at Care/Of, Milan, Italy.

FRAC Bourgogne

27 May – 20 May 2006

Monographic exhibition, FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon, France. Participation by Knut Åsdam. Curator: Eva Gonzales-Sancho

Ann Naustdal

9 Jun – 7 Jan 2007

Participation, American Tapestry Biennial 6, 3 venues, USA.

Kristina Bræin

11 Jun – 16 Jul 2006

Exhibition, ARTIS, Hertogenbosch, Holland.

Marte Johnslien/Anders Valde

7 Jul – 14 Jul 2006

The exhibition AKA Lusaka at the Zambian Visual Arts Council, The Henry Tayali Arts Center, Lusaka, Zambia.

Kalle Runeson

19 Aug – 19 Sept 2006

Exhibition at the artist-run gallery Ocular Lab, Melbourne, Australia.

Sissel Tolaas

16 Sept – 25 Nov 2006

Participation in Liverpool Biennial's International 06, Liverpool, UK. Curators: Manrya Hsu, Gerardo Mosquera

Sissel Tolaas 1

1 Oct – 1 Dec 2006

Participation, Sensorium, List Visual Arts Center, MIT, Cambridge, USA.

Anya Stonelake

27 Oct – 29 Oct 2006

Presentation of Torbjørn Rødland in the seminar Nature Bound, at White Space Gallery, London, UK.


Matias Faldbakken

6 May – 17 Jun 2006
Participation, Metaphysics of Youth (part of the Fuori Uso exhibition series). Ex Cofa, former food market, Pescara, Italy. Curators: Luigi Fassi, Irina Zucca Alessandrelli

Maya Økland

20 May – 27 Aug 2006

Participation in New Nordic Photography, Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sven Påhlsson

1 Jun – 1 Sept 2006

Participation in Animated Stories at La Caixa Foundation, Barcelona. Påhlsson will show his new three-screen synchronized video installation Balling Games. Curator: Martha Gili

Ane Hjort Guttu

2 Jun – 30 Jul 2006
Participation in Leap into the Cold Water, Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland. She will exhibit her project Trasop School's Print Collection. Curator: Sonke Gau, curator, Shedhalle Zürich

Terje Nicolaisen

7 Jun – 12 Sept 2006

Exhibition, Salo Art Museum, Salo, Finland.

Karl Ingar Røys

7 Jun – 11 Jun 2006

Participation in a workshop initiated by Sezgin Boynik and Minna Henriksson in Prisitina, Kosovo.

Geir Tore Holm

16 Jun – 9 Jul 2006

Participates in Colonialism Within: Indigenous Rights and Multicultural Realities, Act 4 of Rethinking Nordic Colonialism, VR:n Veturitalli (Finnish Railways Locomotive Engine Shed), Rovaniemi, Finland.

Andrea Lange

16 Jun – 25 Aug 2006

Exhibition of Refuge Talks at the exhibition Migration 1 at Belfast Exposed Photography. Belfast, U.

Sylvia Kochanska

23 Jun – 30 Jul 2006
Curatorship Unravelling Demons with Norwegian artists at Galeria Arsenal in Bialystok, Poland. Invited artists: Liv Bugge, Gro Foosnæs Gravås, Sylvia Kochanska, Mikkel McAlinden, Kalle Runeson, Martin Skauen, Karianne Stensland and Monja Wiik.

Marit Følstad

1 Jul – 17 Sept 2006

Production of the video projection Amplified for Scarecrow, an international group exhibition at The Evangelos Averoff Museum, Metsovo, Greece. Curators: Olga Daniylopoulou, Nicola Oxley and Nicolas de Oliveira

aiPotu — Andreas Siqueland and Anders Kjellesvik

2 Jul – 22 Jul 2006

Participation in this this year's selective Advanced Course in Visual Arts, an intensive course for young artists that started in 1988 under the patronage of the Como Council The course is structured as a summer seminar in the form of a laboratory for artistic and theoretical experimentation. Advanced Course in Visual Arts is organized by the Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como, Italy. Course leader: Marjetica Potrc

Sabina Jacobsson and Ane Lan

4 Jul – 28 Aug 2006

Participation, Intimate Spaces!, Schwules Museum, Berlin. Curator: Tsvika Solan

Mai Hofstad Gunnes

29 Jul – 22 Oct 2006

Participation in the exhibition A to Z, wooden huts inside a brick building in Hirosaki, Japan. She will have a separate hut where she will show the animated movie Alphabet Street.

Hans Askheim

12 Aug – 16 Sept 2006
Curatorship of In our own time by our own means at MOT, London, UK. Invited artists: Gardar Eide Einarsson (born in Norway, lives and works in New York City) and Bjørn Kowalski Hansen (born in Norway, lives and works in Berlin), among others.

Camille Norment

18 Aug – 1 Oct 2006

Participation in the group show Pre-Emptive, Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, Switzerland. Curator: Philippe Pirotte, Director, Kunsthalle Bern

Jana Winderen

18 Aug – 3 Sept 2006

Exhibition of the interactive sound installation Hard Rain ll at IDFX, Breda, the Netherlands.

Kristina Bræin

23 Aug – 12 Nov 2006

Participation in group show at Museo de Arte Carrilo Gil in Mexico City, Mexico. Curator: Leonardo Ramirez

Einar Hansen

1 Sept – 1 Mar 2007

Hansen has been selected as one of eight international artists to take part in CCA Kitakyushu 7-month Research Programme in Japan. PS: Exhibition concluding the residency.

Edvine Larssen

1 Sept – 1 Mar 2007

Travel grant. Larssen has been selected as one of eight international artists to take part in CCA Kitakyushu 7-month Research Programme in Japan.

Stefan Schröder

1 Sept – 1 Sept 2007

Participation in the public project Plagwitzer Sand at the Galerie fur Zeitgenossische Kunst Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany. Curator: Dr. Barbara Steiner

Knut Åsdam

1 Sept – 1 Sept 2006

Participation in Satellite, side show to the Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai, China. Åsdam will show two video works: Come to your own and Pissing. Curator: Nina Oeghoede

Børre Sæthre

8 Sept – 8 Oct 2006

Exhibition at Participant INC in New York City, USA.

Leif Magne Tangen

9 Sept – 5 Nov 2006

Curatorship, I Will Never Make It, Kunstraum D21, Leipzig, Germany. Artists: Jan Christensen, Mikkel McAlinden.

Bodil Furu

16 Sept – 25 Nov 2006

Participation in the Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Busan Biennale 2006, Busan, South Korea. Furu will screen two video works on monitor and at a local TV-network.

René Block, Director of the Kunsthalle Museum Fridericianum, Kassel

29 Sept – 15 Nov 2006

Block is this year's designated curator for the Belgrade Biennial, the 47th October Art Salon. he theme of this next biennial is Art, Life and Confusion. The exhibition explores the relationship between art and life amid a collapse of political systems, dissolution of existing value systems, and massive social changes brought about by globalization. Block selected the following artists to participate in the biennial: Toril Goksøyr & Camilla Martens, Kim Hiorthøy, Matias Faldbakken, and Vibeke Tandberg.

Synne Bull and Dragan Miletic

1 Oct – 30 Dec 2006

Participation in 2006 California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art/OCMA, California, USA. Bull and Miletic will exhibit two video installations. Curators: Elizabeth Armstrong, Karen Moss, Rita Gonzalez

Hanne Mugaas

1 Oct – 1 Oct 2006

Organizing of the online exhibition New Realities for Rhizome.org for the 10th Anniversary Festival of Art and Technology of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City, USA. The project is to take place as an online show as well as an evening at a local cultural institution.

Ingrid Book and Carina Hedén

1 Oct – 1 Oct 2006

Participation in Post Nora, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China. Curator: Wang Baoju

Gillian Carson

1 Oct – 1 Oct 2006

Participation in Post Nora, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China. Curator: Wang Baoju

Bodil Furu

1 Oct – 1 Oct 2006

Participation in Post Nora, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China. Curator: Wang Baoju

Marianne Heske

1 Oct – 1 Oct 2006

Participation, Post Nora, Today Art Museum, Beijing. Title of work: Mind Projections - two video projections in loops. Curator: Wang Baoju

Wang Baojuv

22 Oct – 22 Oct 2006

Curatorship of Post Nora, an exhibition with female artists from Norway and China, at Today Art Museum, Beijing, China. Baoju participated in OCA's International Studio Programme in 2005 to do research for the exhibition. Participating Norwegian artists: Ingrid Book, Carina Hedén, Bodil Furu, Gillian Carson, Marianne Heier, Siri Hermansen, Inghild Karlsen and Marianne Heske.

Mikkel McAlinden

1 Nov – 1 Nov 2006

Exhibitions of the projects The Landscape Project and Inner World at a seminar on "Photography and Minimalism", at the Russian National Centre of Photography, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Jesper Alvær

1 Nov – 1 Nov 2006

Series of film screenings within a three day film festival in Oslo, in cooperation with Torpedo and Fotogalleriet. Screenings including films by Iranian filmmakers Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi. Film directors Bahman Kiarostami and Alireza Rasulinezhad are invited. The idea around the project is to further develop the focus on contemporary documentary films from Iran.

Mette Tronvoll

16 Nov – 19 Nov 2006

Participation, Central Exhibition, Paris Photo. This year's edition has a focus on Nordic countries. Curator Andrea Holzherr participated in OCA's International Visitor Programme in December 2005 to do research for the show.


Brit Fuglevaag

1 Oct – 23 Oct 2006

Participation in Tapestry Goblin exhibition at Murmansk Regional Museum, Murmansk, Russia.

Jorunn Myklebost Syversen

31 Aug – 31 Aug 2006

Participation in video screenings and performance at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.

Martin Braathen

1 Sept – 1 Jun 2007

Support in connection with enrollment in Curatorial Program at the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York City, USA.

Marius Engh

1 Sept – 1 Nov 2006

Participation in the group exhibition Street: Behind the Cliché at Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Engh will show two works; Rich Kids on LSD, (2004) and All Items must fit in Basket, (2006). Curator: Nicolaus Schafhausen, Director, Witte de With

Knut Henrik Henriksen

1 Sept – 19 Nov 2006

Site specific work at the residency Frac des Pays de la Loire, Nantes, France.

Matias Faldbakken

1 Oct – 1 Oct 2006

Participation in a group exhibition at PS1/MoMa in NY, NY, USA. Faldbakken will show works from the series The Name of a Person That I want Dead, Written in X's and The Suicide Series. Curator: Neville Wakefield, curator, P.S.1 MoMA

Øystein Aasan

6 Oct – 23 Dec 2006

Participation in the group exhibition Klartext Berlin at Kunst Raum Niederosterreich, NOE, Wien, Austria. Curators: Raimar Stange and Christiane Krejs

BEK — Bergen Center for Electronic Arts

12 Oct – 15 Oct 2006

Participation of CineFaktura, a Brazilian based collective, in the exhibition and festival Piksel06 to be held in Bergen, Norway.

Yngve Holen

13 Oct – 28 Oct 2006

Participation in the art festival Sequences in Reykjavik, with the project Fishfinders in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Mikkel Wettre

24 Oct – 2 Dec 2006

Participation in the group exhibition The Square Root of Drawing at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios in Dublin, Ireland.

Anne Stabell

27 Oct – 17 Nov 2006

Participation in From Lausanne to Beijing, The 4th International Fiber Art Biennale and in the International Fiber Symposium in Suzhou, China.

Vibeke Sjøvoll

29 Oct – 19 Nov 2006

Participation in the group exhibition Nomads of Nowadays at the Laznia Center for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland. Curator: Agnieszka Wollodzko

Leif Magne Tangen

2 Nov – 14 Jan 2007
Production of science fiction novel in collaboration with artists, writers and others. To be printed by Dester/Sinister in a collaboration with Heman Chong. Launch and platform will be at Project Art Space in Dublin, Ireland. Curator: Mai Abu ElDahab, Manifest 6

Inghild Karlsen

4 Nov – 26 Nov 2006

Participation in the group exhibition Post Nora, Today Art Museum, Beijing. Curator: Wang Baojuv

Anne Szefer Karlsen

20 Nov – 29 Nov 2006

Screening the programme Individual Communities at the Vector Gallery, in conjunction with a residency at Vector in Iasi, Romania.

Gunnhild Bakke, Anne-Britt Rage

25 Nov – 15 Dec 2006

Project support for a two staged exhibition Attention Kronstadt in Kronstadt, focusing first on a documentary and secondly an exhibition at the Cultural House and at the Naval museum in Krohnstadt, St Petersburg, Russia.

Andreas Dalen

28 Nov – 4 Feb 2007

Participation in a group exhibition How to build a universe that doesn't fall apart 2 days later at CCA Wattis Institute of Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, USA. Curator: Will Bradley

Else-Marie Hagen

1 Dec – 14 Jan 2007

Participation in the group exhibition Photo_Abstract in the main galleries of CCNOA, center for non-objective art, Brussels, Belgium. She exhibits with two photographs from the series Double Exposure.

Torbjørn Rødland

7 Dec – 24 Feb 2007

Participation in the group exhibition Dreamlands Burn with five photographs from the series White Planet, Black Heat at Kunsthalle Budapest, Budapest, Hungary Curator: Livia Paldi, curator, Kunsthalle Budapest

Vibeke Tandberg

7 Dec – 24 Feb 2007

Participation in the group exhibition Dreamlands Burn with her work Living Together at Kunsthalle Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. Curator: Livia Paldi, curator, Kunsthalle Budapest

Fredrik Raddum

16 Dec – 7 Jan 2007

Project support for installation in X-rummet at Statens Museum, entitled Home sweet Home in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Eivind Reierstad (Ane Lan)

16 Dec – 25 Feb 2007

Participation in the exhibition Sexwork ? Kunst Mythos Realität with video Elegi, at Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst in Berlin, Germany.

Maia Urstad

8 Jan – 15 Jan 2007

Participation with Freq_ou 5 at the Chiang Mai University Contemporary Art Museum, Thailand. Curator: C.M. Hausswolff

Jana Winderen

8 Jan – 15 Jan 2007

Participation with Freq_ou 5 at the Chiang Mai University Contemporary Art Museum, Thailand. Curator: C.M. Hausswolff

Yokoland (Espen Friberg and Aslak Gurholt Rønsen)

23 Jan – 23 Feb 2007
Participation in an exhibition at the Reg Vardy Gallery at The University of Sunderland, UK. Curator: Robert Blackson

Trine Lise Nedreaas

27 Jan – 6 May 2007

Participation in the group exhibition All About Laughter at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Curator: Mami Kataoka, curator, Mori Art Museum

Katja Høst

2 Feb – 18 Mar 2007

An exhibition Blind Spots at Articule, an artist run center in Montreal, Canada. Høst will show the work The Lonely Crowdamong others.

Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany

1 Mar – 1 Mar 2007

Participation of Martin Skauen (b.1975) in group exhibition at Frankfurter Kunstverein, entitled Whenever it Starts it is the Right Time. Skauen will exhibit The Polarbear Split, 2006. Curator: Chus Martinez , Director, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany

Annie Anawana Haloba Hobøl

24 Mar – 2 May 2007

Participation with the project Can you see...can you hear in Trans Cape - the first exhibition of African contemporary visual art to be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jesper Alvær

1 Jun – 1 Jul 2007

An exhibition at The Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow, Poland, which will be part of a long term international project, Transkultura.

Bull.Miletic (Synne Bull & Dragan Miletic)

1 Sept – 1 Nov 2007

Their project The Marshal Tito Boulevard, a large-scale interactive video installation focusing on the capitals of former Yugoslavia. The video will be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Dubravka Duba Sambolec

17 Jul – 2 Sept 2012

Support provided for a solo exhibition at The Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia, presenting the artist's multimedia/sculptural installations produced in the period 1992–2007. Curator: Jadranka Vinterhalter


Elin Olaussen, Karen Tandberg

1 Nov – 1 Nov 2006

Participation for Torpedo Books at Printed Matter Book Fair in NY, USA.

Eivind Reierstad (Ane Lan)

16 Nov – 2 Dec 2006

Participation with his video Vesta in the Festival Rencontre internationales Paris/Berlin in Paris, France.

Kjersti Andvig

25 Nov – 9 Dec 2007

Exhibition with Lars Laumann at Le Commissariat, Paris, France. Curator: Dorothée Dupuis

Eva Drangsholt

5 Dec – 10 Dec 2006

Participation with We Are All Bored in the Tirana International Film Festival, Tirana, Albania

Maia Urstad

7 Dec – 25 Feb 2007

Participation in Dreamlands Burn at Mücsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary. Curator: Lívia Páldi

Jana Winderen

7 Dec – 25 Feb 2007

Participation in Dreamlands Burn at Mücsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary. Curator: Livia Páldi

Geir Haraldseth

1 Jan – 1 Jan 2007

Participation in a project curated by "Petra". Also presentation of his project Art & Entertainment in Mexico city, and research for exhibition project in Austin, Texas, USA, Mexico City, Mexico. Curator: Montserrat Albores Gleason

Annie Anawana Haloba Hobøl

1 Jan – 1 Jan 2008

Research grant for residency at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam commencing in January 2007.

Harald Medbøe

11 Jan – 11 Feb 2007

Exhibition of RROM-The Gypsy Project at BWA Awangarda in Wroclaw, Poland. Curator: Pawel Jarodzki

Kjersti Sundland

18 Jan – 27 Jan 2007

Live video performance Monstrous Little Women with Anne Bang Steinsvik at the Netmage 07 Festival, Bologna, Italy. Artistic Director: Daniele Gasparinetti

Leif Inge Xi

24 Jan – 25 Jan 2007

Participation in The Independents with 9 Beet Stretch Issue Project Room, New York, USA.

Rachell Dagnall

1 Feb – 28 Feb 2007

Residency at De Fabriek, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Anne Szefer Karlsen

9 Feb – 9 Mar 2007

Curatorship of the group show Dualities - Contemporary Norwegian Photography, at Sol Molnick Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

Karl Ingar Røys

11 Feb – 3 Mar 2007

PS: Participation with Erna's video in Line of Play at Factory-Berlin, Germany

Kristina Bræin

15 Feb – 31 Mar 2007

Support for participation in residency programme, Aldaba Arte, with exhibition at close of residency in Mexico City.

Marienborg Artist Community/Vigdis Haugtrø

19 Feb – 25 Feb 2007

Presentation of the symposium Forum 1 at the non profit art fair Supermarked in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lars Laumann

21 Feb – 21 Mar 2007

Exhibition of his video project Morrisey Foretelling the Death of Diana at White Columns, NYC, USA. Curator: Matthew Higgs

Øyvind Renberg

1 Mar – 1 May 2007

Research for project development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Seoul, South-Korea, for an exhibition that will take place in Oslo in January/February 2008 at the Oslo Kunstforening entitled Multiple Choices: All of the Above.

Rachel Dagnall

24 Mar – 10 Jun 2007

Participation with three works in the British Council exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia.

Lene Berg

30 Mar – 27 May 2007

Developing of the video The Weimar Conspiracy and participation in the exhibition Subversion of Standstill at ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany

Annie Anawana Haloba Hobøl

4 Apr – 4 Jun 2007

Participation with the sound installation Road Map in the Sharjah Biennial 8, United Arab Emirates. Artistic Director: Jack Persekian

Torgeir Husevaag

12 May – 2 Sept 2007

Participation in the exhibition The Art of Belonging at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona, USA. Curators: Marilou Knode and Silvia Cubiña

Ole-Henrik Hagen

12 May – 3 Jun 2007

Exhibition of his works produced during his residency at Platform China in 2006, at Line Gallery, Beijing, China.

Kari Steihaug

21 May – 31 Oct 2007

Participation with her project Rewind in the 12th International Triennial of Tapestry, Lodz, Poland.

Ana Linnemann and Alex Villar

2 Jan – 14 Jan 2008

Participation in exhibition Multiple Choices: All of The Above with the Danger Museum, at Oslo Kunstforening.

Elisabeth Norseng

15 Nov – 15 Nov 2010

Participation in the Teheran Art Festival, Teheran, Iran. Curator: Nikki Diana Marquardt