International Support

This grant is aimed at supporting the participation of Norway and Sápmi based artists when they are invited to take part in non-profit projects abroad. The grant fosters visibility for Norwegian and Sámi visual art abroad, to promote innovative artistic investigations, and to facilitate a creative dialogue and collaboration in the context of contemporary cultural practice.

Application deadlines are 1st February, 1st May and 1st October. Applications for International Support are assessed three times per year by an international jury of three members appointed by OCA.

Grant management

One of OCA's tools to promote and professionalize Norwegian participation in international co-operation in the visual art is the International Travel Support application based scheme funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2021 the amount available for distribution is NOK 1.531.725. Applications are assessed three times per year by an international jury of four members appointed by OCA.

Who can apply

Applications are accepted from Norwegian artists and international artists living and working in Norway who have been invited to participate in exhibitions internationally; Norwegian art professionals organising exhibitions and projects abroad; and international institutions and curators to work more comprehensively and thoroughly with artists, art groups and professionals from Norway.

Support is directed to projects initiated or taking place at non-profit institutions, and priority is given to exhibitions taking place in key international art institutions and project spaces.

Criteria for applications

  • All information in the application must be submitted in English.
  • The application form will be closed at 09:00 on the day following the deadline.
  • Some information is mandatory within the application form. The application cannot be submitted unless this information is filled in.
  • Following notice, missing material must be sent within 48 hours.
  • Please read the guidelines before filling in the application form and note that OCA does not accept applications sent by post.

OCA's support is not intended to provide for the entirety of the project – all supported projects must be co-financed.

OCA does not consider projects that have opened or are finalized prior to the date of the application deadline in any given period.

If support is provided from other funding bodies, this must be stated in the application and in the budget.

A report and budget overview must be sent to OCA through the stikk.no pages within a month of the finalisation of project.

What can be applied for

The scheme can support the following categories in connection with professional artists and curators non-commercial, public exhibitions abroad. Travel grants may also be given for participation in an active role in seminars and other activities considered to be of major significance for the field of Norwegian contemporary art The grant scheme does not cover support for educational travel/further education.

• travel
• accommodation
• transport of art
• insurance of art works
• relevant printed matter such as a catalogue.

If Support Is Granted

The name and logo of the Office for Contemporary Art Norway should appear on any press, marketing and other related material published in print or online on the occasion of the exhibition. The logo can be downloaded here.

The grant must be used within two years of the date on the grant confirmation letter, otherwise the grant will be considered cancelled. If the project is postponed, please contact OCA.

The earliest submission date to request the grant is two months prior to the opening of the project.

Because of Norwegian rules for grants, stipends, etc., OCA informs that the Office of the Auditor General of Norway is entitled to verify that the grants are used according to the stated conditions. In order to facilitate this, the grantee is requested to complete the Report Form within one month of the completion of the project. To access the Form, applicants need to key in the last five numbers of their application reference at www.stikk.no.

Institutions are required to send all printed matter related to a funded project. If an exhibition catalogue is produced, the Office for Contemporary Art Norway should receive 2 copies for its archive, as well as any printed matter produced in relation to the project, and links to any material published online.

Please note that OCA may publish the names and projects of the successful applicants, as well as the images from applications and reports in various non-commercial platforms such as the OCA website, newsletter, press release and/or Annual Report.

Logo download

Covid-19 Measures

The production support can be applied for also in 2022

Adjusted guidelines

As a Covid-19 measure OCA will temporarily accept applications for: Production of new art commission/s that will premiere abroad.

  • The grant covers the direct costs of artworks, for example for materials or technical competence, and is aimed specifically for artists projects invited by international institutions.
  • The artist must receive the production support directly. It is possible to apply for support for the honorariums of extra performers.
  • The category is further subject to the same criteria as the regular 'International Support' scheme. OCA will need documentation and a detailed breakdown of the production costs, and an overview of the production plan.
  • Digital Promotion of artists and exhibitions is also accepted. For this category, use the ‘Other’ box in the budget section in the application form.

If support is granted

With the uncertainty of how long travel restrictions will persist, OCA will call upon all grant receivers attention to:

  • Not order or book art transport or personnel travels without cancellations options, if possible.
  • Contact the institution hosting the project abroad and try to clarify if the project will be accomplished or not, as early as possible.
  • Inform OCA as soon as possible of any cancelled projects that have received grants.

If a granted project abroad is cancelled, OCA upholds/pays the grant (or part of the grant as relevant) for the costs that have been incurred and cannot be refunded.

If your project is carried out according to plan, the grant recipient is obliged to follow the recommendations of the Norwegian health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice and restrictions. Grant funding cannot be used to carry out projects in countries where travel is discouraged by the MFA (regardless of whether Covid-19 is the background for the travel advice). Visit the Foreign Ministry's website for a complete overview.

Please note that you as a beneficiary are obliged to keep up to date and follow the official travel advice of the Norwegian authorities.