Staff and board


Ruben Steinum


Ruben Steinum (he/him) is Director of Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA). As director, he represents the foundation and runs it according to the mission.

Steinum has his education from the Art Academy in Oslo (KHiO) and has held the position as elected president of The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (Norske Billedkunstnere - NBK) and Young Artists’ Society (UKS). Steinum focuses on arts rightful position in the center of society and the goal that everyone should have the same opportunity to pursue an artistic career on the basis of their effort and professional qualities, rather than economic and social background.

Toril Fjelde Høye

Head of Finance and Administration

Toril Fjelde Høye came into the position as OCA's Head of Finance and Administration in December 2011 with a comprehensive background in business and administration, having completed her studies at Handelsakademiet in Oslo and leadership programmes at INSEAD in France and at the London Business School in the UK. Previous to her position at OCA, Fjelde Høye served as the Chief Financial Officer at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo from 2006.

Karoline Trollvik

Head of Communications and External Relations

Karoline Trollvik (she/her) is the Head of Communications and External Relations at OCA and is responsible for external communication, online publishing and contact with the press. She also manages the International Visitor Program for visiting international curators and art professionals as well as other coordinating tasks with external partners.

Karoline is from Gáivuotna/Kåfjord and holds a MPhil degree in Anthropology of Development from the University of Bergen(UiB). She was the director of the international Indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu between 2014 - 2018, and temporarily led Várjjat Sámi Musea in 2019/2020. Between 2018 - 2022 she was a jury member on the committee for festival and event management grants at the Arts Council Norway. Karoline has been part of the OCA team since February 2020.

Anne Charlotte Hauen

Grants Administration Manager (on leave)

Anne Charlotte Hauen (she/her) is the Grant Administration Manager at OCA and is responsible for the grant scheme processes, the jury, and is the connection between OCA and the applicants. She is managing the OCA Pop-Ups, and is also working with diverse administrative tasks as well as on the other OCA projects.

Hauen has a Cultural Management degree from the department of Communication and Media Studies, Université Vincennes-Saint-Denis (Paris VIII) in Paris. She worked at the Munch Museum with the administration of the museum shop, before she was employed at the Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium as museum staff and exhibition guide. Parallel to this she worked as a gallery coordinator for two galleries in Vestfossen. Anne Charlotte has been part of the OCA team since September 2008.

Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen

Grants Officer

Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen (he/him) is Grant Officer at OCA covering for Anne Charlotte Hauen while she is on leave. He is responsible for the grant scheme processes, the jury, and is the connection between OCA and the applicants.

Eirik holds a Master’s degree in art history and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Leadership from the University of Oslo. Since 2019 he has been a regular contributor to the Nordic art journal Kunstkritikk and is leading the working committee in the art section of the Norwegian Critics Association.

Michael Miller

Communications Officer

Michael Miller holds a Bachelor of Arts in photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Michael has worked as a freelance photojournalist and commercial photographer, and from 2015 to 2021 was the Communications Manager for Pikene på Broen and the annual international festival, Barents Spektakel. Michael has been part of the OCA team since February 2022.

Itzel Esquivel

Project Coordinator

Itzel Esquivel (they/theym) works with conceptualization and research for the implementation and production of curatorial projects and programme at OCA.

Esquivel holds a BA in Fine Arts from The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and an MA in Curatorial Practice from the Art Academy in the University in Bergen. Esquivel has a long-standing and international institutional experience that started in 2015. Their curatorial practice is focus on performance and embodied practices from an intersectional and cuir/queer lens.

Esquivel acknowledges the different intersectionalities, positionalities and privileges from cultural workers and artists and is from this perspective that their curatorial work is rooted.

Board Members

Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad

Chair of the Board

Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad is artistic director at Sørlandets kunstmuseum / Kunstsilo. Over the last 20 years she has held senior management roles at several national arts institutions in Norway. She has initiated and produced visual art and design projects in close collaboration with embassies in New York, Paris, Milan, London and Stockholm. She is working closely with the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and the Arts Council in Norway as chair for State Artist Grants. She served at the international and European board of World Crafts Council for six years.

Kristoffer Dolmen

Board Member

Kristoffer Dolmen is Senior Curator at Nordlandmuseet in Bodø for their Bodø2024 program. He has worked at various art institutions in Northern Norway since 2001. He has also served on various boards and sat on a number of juries within the wider field of culture. Dolmen’s education includes master’s degree in curating and a cand. mag. degree in art history and cultural studies, both from the University of Bergen, and studies in museology and cultural management at Stockholm University. He has been part of a one year Post-Master program at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

Sille Storihle

Board Member

Sille Storihle is an artist and educator working with moving images and printed matter. From 2012 to 2020 they ran the queer-feminist platform FRANK, together with Liv Bugge. Storihle holds a BFA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and an MA in Aesthetics and Politics from California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, and is currently an Assistant Professor in Moving Images at Nordland School of Arts and Film. They have exhibited at M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Kunsthall Oslo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, GiBCA – Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art and Performa, New York, among others. From 2016 to 2020 they were on the board of UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund/Young Artists' Society).

Stina Högkvist

Board Member

Stina Högkvist has since 2018 been the Director for Collections in the National Museum of art, architecture and design in Oslo. She has worked as a curator at the National Museum since 2006 and is among others behind exhibitions like Tori Wrånes’ "Hot Pocket", "Like før. Sidsel Paaske" and "Kjartan Slettemark. Kunsten å være kunst". Högkvist is an art historian from the University in Uppsala and holds an MA of the curatorial programme at Konstfack in Stockholm. In addition she has many years of experience as an art critic and a writer.

Hans Marius Graasvold

Board Member

Hans Marius Graasvold is an Oslo based attorney. He works mainly as legal counsel and adviser for a number of culture and artists´ organizations as well as for individual creative artists. He specializes in copyright, contract, privacy and organizational law. He is formal legal director of the Norwegian Consumer Council, and has extensive experience with representation in various boards and dispute resolution committees.