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Call for OCA jury members for the period of 2023 – 2025

6 December 2022

OCA is now accepting proposals for candidates for the OCA jury for the period 2023 – 2025. Deadline 12th January 2023.

OCA invites selected relevant art organizations and institutions to submit proposals for 1-2 members for the OCA jury. Any proposed candidates must have confirmed that they agree to be appointed as jury member ahead of submission. Individuals are also welcomed to submit proposals for OCA jury members.

Please submit suggestions by 12th January 2023 to OCA's director Ruben Steinum (ruben.steinum@oca.no)

The jury evaluates applications for the grant schemes ‘International Travel Support incl. production Support’ and ‘International Residencies’. The jury meets three times per year to assess applications in relation to the grant scheme deadlines 1st February, 1st May and 1st October.

This grant is aimed at supporting the participation of Norwegian artists and artists living and working in Norway, when they are invited to take part in projects abroad. The grant fosters visibility for Norwegian and Sámi visual art abroad, to promote innovative artistic investigations, and to facilitate a creative dialogue and collaboration in the context of contemporary cultural practice.

OCA is looking for three jury members and two deputy jury members with specific expertise and experience:


  • The jury members must have professional art expertise and knowledge of Norwegian and international contemporary art.
  • At least one member must have their work and activities outside of Norway and have extensive competence from working in the international art field.
  • At least two jury members must have extensive competence in the Norwegian visual contemporary art field.
  • Jury members can be both art professionals and/or active artists, and at least one member must be an active artist.

Other factors:

  • The composition of the OCA jury should strive for age, gender, geographic and cultural diversity. This must be assessed for the individual jury and over time compared to OCA ‘s previous juries.

OCA’s director presents candidates for OCA’s jury to the OCA board for final approval.

A three-year agreement is entered into with each jury member.

The announcement of OCA’s jury members will be published at oca.no.

Header image: Felix Gmelin, Color Test (Red Flag #2), 2002, two-channel digital video installation, transferred from 16mm film, projected, color, silent, 10:28 minutes, Courtesy of the artist. International Support was granted to artist Felix Gmelin for his participation in the exhibition ‘The Double: Identity and Difference in Art Since 1900’ taking place at National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C, USA in 2022.


4 LISTE Julie hrncirova Marthe F 8490

Norwegian Artists and Galleries at Art Week in Basel, Switzerland

Art Basel is the worlds’s leading art fair in the international art market where over 200 selected galleries from around the world presented modern and contemporary works of high quality. Simultaneously in Basel there were three other art fairs (Liste Art Fair Basel, June Art Fair and VOLTA Art Fair) museums and galleries presenting works by modern masters and emerging talents from all over the world.


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