Recipients 2021

Artica Svalbard
1 Nov – 12 Dec 2021

Jessica MacMillan

Jessica Mac Millan

Jessica MacMillan (b. 1987, New Hampshire, USA) is an artist and amateur astronomer based in Oslo, Norway. Through kinetic sculpture, 3D animation, and installation, MacMillan's work investigates concepts in astronomy and planetary science. Using optical instruments, geophysical orientation, and ordinary found objects, she focuses on bridging the gap between our everyday lived experience and the context that contains us: on a tiny and fragile planet, in a massive solar system, within a galaxy among billions.

MacMillan holds an MFA in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo (2016), a BFA in sculpture and art history from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston (2010), and has studied astronomy through Arizona State University. Her works have been exhibited at BOA Galleri in Oslo, Norway; Galleri 54 in Gothenburg, Sweden; Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, Iceland; Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo, Norway; Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway; and Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark; among others. Previously, she has also participated in residencies at ÖRES: Örö Island Residency Program, Finland; NBK Ny-Ålesund research station residency, Svalbard; and Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, Iceland.

9 Aug – 10 Sept 2021

Ramona Salo Myrseth and Katarina Skår Lisa

Salo Lisa Lassagammi Foto Jens Kristian Nilsen copy

Ramona Salo Myrseth and Katarina Skår Lisa are two independent artists that work as a collaborative duo. Together they explore a common yet personal enquiry in contemporary arts through their Sea Sámi heritage. Themes they are occupied with are the ecology of creations, relations, culture, and care. Their aim is to investigate ways of learning and practise with a Sea Sámi cosmology and their landscapes.

Their projects look specifically at contemporary art and storytelling through movement, textile, choreography, and design. Works that they have collaborated with is amongst other; Gift of Stone (2019), Passing through Landscapes (2019), Arctic Summer (2021) Den Samiske Halvtimen (2021) and Cazevulosniedia- The Underwater Girl (2021). They have also attended artistic residency together at Vadsø Gjestetatelier (2019), Fossekleiva Art and Culture centre (2019), Stiftelsen Lásságammi (2020). Salo Myrseth and Skår Lisa has previously held a performance lecture at PAO Festival (2019) and a lecture presentation for master students in choreography at Kilpisjarvi Bio arts research centre (2019).