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Unwoven World: Beyond the Pliable Plane

  • English
  • 2014
  • 64 Pages
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The exhibition ‘Unwoven World: Beyond the Pliable Plane’ presented the works of the three artists Brit Fuglevaag, Elisabeth Haarr and Sidsel Paaske, who in the 1970s explored the domestic sphere and the everyday consumer object. These artists engaged in an intensive quest for a return to traditional crafts, emphasizing the profound need to explore alternative creative modes, systems and media. Using weaving techniques, textiles and seriality, they insisted on the communicative role of the two-dimensional surface as one that moves beyond the mere picture.

‘Unwoven World: Beyond the Pliable Plane’ marked the completion of the programme ‘Fashion: the Fall of an Industry’, a series of lectures held at OCA in the autumn of 2013. The lectures have analysed the period during the 1970s in Norway that saw a decline in the textile industry, and how artists reacted to and reflected upon the unforeseen aspects of industrialization, the need to care for the environment and for workers, as well as the outsourcing of production and its social effects.

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