Travelogue Gap Ha Noi Transbord Rajis Radjai
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Travelogue: Gâp Ha Nôi/Transbord – Rájis Rádjái

  • English
  • 2006
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Verksted #5/6 is a double edition featuring two travelogues.

Verksted #5 presents the documentation of a travelling seminar entitled Transbord - Rájis Rádjái, which took place in September/October 2004. By initiative of former director of OCA, Ute Meta Bauer, and the artists Geir Tore Holm and Søssa Jørgensen, a group of cultural producers investigated the cultural situation of the Sápmi, thereby moving across the state boundaries of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Whilst giving cultural producers from different backgrounds the chance to get into dialogue, issues such as ethnicity, culture and borders, nationalism, cultural activism, communication and education were discussed. An essay by Kaisa Maliniemi Lindbach gives an account of the seminar's results and experiences as well as an overview of S´pmi culture and related questions, opportunities and problematics today.

Verksted #6 documents the Cultural Programme on the occasion of the Royal Norwegian visit to Hanoi, Vietnam in October/November 2004. For this Cultural Programme, Office for Contemporary Art Norway invited the artists Magne Furuholmen, Olav Christopher Jenssen, Per Kleiva and Mette Tronvoll as well as the filmmaker Hans Petter Moland to participate in a programme taking place in Hanoi shortly before and during the Royal Visit to Vietnam. This publication documents the diverse events of the visit, including collaborations with the Hanoi University of Fine Art and the Hanoi University of Film and Theatre, which took the form of a print, film and photography workshop, lectures by the Norwegian participants and an exhibition showing the results of the collaborations between the Norwegian artists and Vietnamese students. The visit also included a series of concerts by Magne Furuholmen with his band and the Vietnamese film premiere of Hans Petter Moland's The Beautiful Country.

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