Acknowledgement of the Sámi people

OCA acknowledges the Sámi as one people, and as the Indigenous people of the Fennoscandian region. On the land of this region, Sápmi, the Sámi people have lived since time immemorial, respectfully harvesting from nature by fishing, farming, hunting and following reindeer, amongst other activities.

Forms of Modern Life
  • Exhibition booklet

Forms of Modern Life: From the Archives of Guttorm Guttormsgaard

  • English
  • 2011
  • 26 Pages
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'Forms of Modern Life: From the Archives of Guttorm Guttormsgaard' is an exhibition taking as a starting point Guttorm Guttormsgaard's archives of printed materials and art objects. The exhibition considers the process by which the printed form becomes in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries a universal, egalitarian form of expression. The project explores how artists such as Thomas Bewick, Frans Masereel, Albert Jærn, Hannah Ryggen, Peder Balke and Lars Hertervig employed specific graphic forms to address the cultural and political conditions of their time.

The exhibition booklet guides you through the exhibition 'Forms of Modern Life: From the Archives of Guttorm Guttormsgaard', featuring images and a full caption list.

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