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ISGIES – gallery supported activity in 2022

18 January 2023

OCA granted the record high sum of NOK 6.275.579 in 2022 to 48 fair participations for 29 visual art galleries, 4 arts & crafts galleries and 15 art book publishers.

NOK 3.972.519 went to fair fees, NOK 1.242.983 to art transport, NOK 566.189 to information material related to the participation at the fair, NOK 243.995 for external consultants for developing PR, promotion, and marketing of the presentation in the art fair and NOK 43.674 to art insurance.

From 2022, the Ministry of Culture increased the percentage of the total fair participation costs that the scheme could cover from 70% to 85%, giving an increased distribution of support. This nourished an increase in fair participation abroad for the Norwegian art gallery sector and for art book publishers.

The number of Norwegian participants in art fairs abroad in 2022 is not only back to pre-pandemic levels, but is 10 fair participations more than the previous record of 38 in 2017.

The ISGIES – art gallery participation support scheme was established in 2015 for Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) and Norwegian Crafts and has become a predictable and safe support for galleries to invest and plan their international participation long-term. If a gallery is invited to participate in one of the listed pre-approved art fairs, they have a right to receive support within the set criteria for the scheme within the annual budget OCA has available. Applications can be sent to OCA in the year the art fair participation takes place.

The art fair participation supported by OCA in 2022 supported the presentation of 83 Norway based visual artists and 26 Norwegian arts & crafts artists. The art books that were shown by publishers presented 99 Norway based artists

The granted 48 fair participations took place in:
Denmark (16)
USA (6)
France (5)
Switzerland (4)
Sweden (4)
Germany (3)
England (3)
The Netherlands (2)
Japan (1)
United Arab Emirates (1)
Digital fairs (3)

Denmark tops the list with 16 participations granted in total with NOK 1.338.895. All of them were during the four days 25th – 28th August 2022 in Copenhagen in two different art fairs.

ENTER ART FAIR takes place in Copenhagen and is the only international art fair in Scandinavia. Their 4th edition in 2022 had 75 galleries whereof these three were from Norway:

Galleri Haaken presenting the visual artists Aurora Passero, Rina Charlott Lindgren, Espen Dietrichseon, Henrik Placht, Sverre Malling and Munan Øvrelid

QB Gallery presenting the visual artists Ole Martin Lund Bø, Andrea Scholze and Sebastian Helling

Galleri Format presenting the arts & crafts artists Elin Melberg and Eyvind Solli Andreassen

CHART takes place in Charlottenborg, home of the Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen and is a fair for the leading Nordic art galleries. In their 10th anniversary edition in 2022, they had 22.000 visitors and the following six contemporary art galleries from Norway participated:

OSL Contemporary presenting works by the artist Thorbjørn Sørensen

Galleri Brandstrup presenting works by the artist Espen Kvålsvoll

Peder Lund presenting works by the artist Ida Ekblad

Galleri Golsa presenting works by the artists Trude Viken and Charlie Roberts

ISCA Gallery presenting works by the artists Liv Ertzeid and Tron Meyer

MELK Galleri presenting works by the artists Hilde Honerud and Marianne Bjørnmyr

For the second year, CHART also had an art book fair as part of their programme and the following Norwegian participants presented books with Norway based artists:

Northing Space (20 artists)
Breton Cassette
 (15 artists)
Pamflett (5 artists)
Codex Polaris
(8 artists)
Elephant (4 artists)
Heavy Books
(7 artists)
Oslo Kunsthall
(13 artists)

Bench Press/Elephant by Mads Andreas Andreassen was at CHART book fair for the first time in 2022

Image003 copy

CHART book fair. Photo: Norwegian Crafts

Elephant (also known as Elephant Kunsthall) is composed of Mads Andreas Andreassen and his animated alter ego IMLIKEANELEPHANT. Elephant is known for curating and exhibiting contemporary art in a shared studio/warehouse in the small town of Lillehammer. Elephant was conceived one day in the studio, when Mads decided to paint on one of his friend's works. Elephant often interacts with Andreassen’s regular practice as a visual artist.

He came to CHART book fair to present self-published articles of artists that he had exhibited at Elephant Kunsthall like Birk Bjørlo and Markus Li Stensrud.

Elephant has developed into a collective project which takes on many forms and dialogues in different contexts.

He and the textile artist Maria Brinch as a team attended the NAA (Norwegian Arts Abroad) Competence program for internationalisation in 2022. Their project in the program was a book on Maria Brinch’s artistic practice with a publisher with international reach. Elephant will serve as one of the contributing editors.

They both came to CHART to do a public talk within CHART’s main programme with curator Andreas Schaegel about Maria Brinch’s artistic practice. Andreas Schaegel will contribute with an essay for the book.

Given Elephant’s fluid nature across hierarchies and its participation in the NAA Competence programme and Chart 2022 he now continues with new opportunities abroad. He will be presenting his joint practice at Future Fair, New York in 2023 and takes on a curatorial collaboration at HB381 Gallery in New York with Nordic sculptures in two years time.

In Norway his next exhibition as a visual artist is this fall at P.A.L.M.E.R.A-Bergen together with artist Urd J Pedersen.



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