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Announcing ÁRRAN 360°: Open Call for new commissions of Sámi short films and digital art works

2 June 2021

International Sámi Film Institute (ISFI), Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) and Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) are delighted to announce ÁRRAN 360°: an Open Call for new commissions of Sámi short films and digital art, such as virtual reality, augmented reality or any platform-neutral ideas to be presented at an international event in 2022. More information will follow.

The project is curated by the ISFI and aims to bring together some of the most exciting creative voices from across Sápmi (as the Sámi call their homeland). The new commissions will be screened in a specially constructed Sámi lávvu adapted with 360-degree screens.

“We at ISFI, NFI and OCA are delighted to launch this unique project in which the empowering qualities of film and digital technology will serve to further Sámi worldviews. We consider it a vital part of our continued commitment to facilitate that the excellence of Sámi practices be recognised globally”

- Anne Lajla Utsi, CEO ISFI, Kjersti Mo, CEO NFI and Katya García-Antón, CEO OCA

ÁRRAN 360°

Árran is the Northern Sámi word to describe the hearth of a lávvu, around which Sámi storytelling has taken place since time immemorial. Árran symbolises the life force of the Sámi people, a place where the relationships between human and non-human beings are interwoven. ÁRRAN 360° embodies the Sámi perspectives on circular time, where past, present and future meet in a continual flow of time, bodies and ideas. In recent years, Sámi film-makers have taken the film world by storm, following success stories in various major international film festivals, such as the Sundance Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, ImagineNATIVE Film, Arts FEstival and many more. Moving and digital images have demonstrated their unique capacity for narrating Indigenous perspectives on the world and proposing empowering Indigenous futures. ÁRRAN 360° provides a platform in which to celebrate this extraordinary talent further in an international context.

The Open Call for ÁRRAN 360° is now open, and we invite Sámi filmmakers from across Sápmi to present ideas for this unique project.

Application deadline for Árran 360° development: 18 June 2021

Applications must be sent via https://isfi.no/services/development/

More information from https://isfi.no/articles/

The selection process will be carried out by a jury with representatives from ISFI, NFI and OCA.



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