DSC6382 Pathfinders

Sámi Pathfinders / Sámi Ofelaččat

In partnership with Sámi University College, the 'Sámi Pathfinders' programme brought together students from across Sápmi to act as mediators for 'The Sámi Pavilion' project. The 'Sámi Pathfinders' guided visitors through the exhibition, offering insights on culture and society from a Sámi perspective from 23d April - 31st August.

The 'Sámi Pathfinders' is a national programme in which Sámi students travel for a year to schools and other relevant arenas sharing information about Sámi culture and society. The programme is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration Reform and Church Affairs and run by the Sámi University of Applied Sciences in Kautokeino.

Learn more about the 'Sámi Pathfinders' programme here

The 'Sámi Pathfinders' mediating in 'The Sámi Pavilion' were Ingrid Elise Trosten, Vibeke Persen, Elle Ravna Näkkäläjärvi, Dan-Jonas Danielsen Sparrok, Maien Gaup Sandberg, Ida Marja Emilie Marakatt Lindseth, Eli Karianne Vesterheim Hætta, Inga Maret Solberg Åhren, Maila Risten Bongo Dikkanen, Nathaniel Holan Larsen, Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapää, Elle Mari Dunfjell Oskal and Ane Malene Nordeng.

The coordinators of the 'Sámi Pathfinders' programme run by the Sámi University College in Kautokeino are Lena Susanne Kvernmo Gaup, Marie Kvernmo and Eva Måsø.

In Northern Sámi, the project is called 'Sámi Ofelaččat', and in Norwegian, 'Samiske Veivisere'.

Further relevant reading and institutions in the Sápmi region of Norway, Sweden and Finland: