Jessica Mac Millan
23 June 2022

Interview with Artica resident Jessica MacMillan

Artist and amateur astronomer Jessica MacMillan was nominated by OCA for a residency at Artica Svalbard 1 November - 12 December 2021.

In this new video by Artica Svalbard, MacMillan discusses her practice and presents 'Time Line', her one-of-a-kind short term public project happening for the first time in Longyearbyen during her residency. Drawing a line of light in the sky, 'Time Line' marks the exact direction our solar system is moving within the wider universe. What will Svalbard be like—what will our world be like—down this line? The future, by its nature, is something we cannot see or know. While this is no new phenomenon, uncertainty about the future of our home world has come to define this moment we live in.

MacMillan is an artist and amateur astronomer based in Oslo, Norway. Through kinetic sculpture, 3D animation, and installation, MacMillan's work investigates concepts in astronomy and planetary science. Using optical instruments, geophysical orientation, and ordinary found objects, she focuses on bridging the gap between our everyday lived experience and the context that contains us: on a tiny and fragile planet, in a massive solar system, within a galaxy among billions.

OCA is a key partner of Artica Svalbard and nominates artists for residencies in Longyearbyen, Svalbard and supports them curatorially. Learn more about Artica's work here.



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