Visitors 2017

26 Aug – 10 Nov 2017

Gitanjali Dang


From August to November 2017, Gitanjali Dang will join the OCA ISP residency of Ekely, Oslo, and extend it through the OCA ISP+ to the Lofoten archipelago, which will include, among others, an OCA collaboration with Røst AiR. Røst AiR is an artist-in-residence run by a working group consisting of Elin Már Øyen Vister, Jason Rosenberg and Marie Kaada Hovden working on alternative ways of navigating, creating and being in this world. OCA would like to thank the Nordland County Council, Bodø; and The Hamsun Centre, Hamarøy for their kind support and collaboration.

Gitanjali Dang is a curator, writer and shape-shifter. In 2012, she founded Khanabadosh, an itinerant arts lab. Khanabadosh lives off latitude, magic and agnosticism, and is interested in everything. It is particularly interested in constantly rethinking what it—and everything around it—is about. In 2015, Khanabadosh, in collaboration with Institute for Contemporary Art Research, Zurich University of the Arts, co-founded Draft, which explores contemporary art that produces, contributes to or provokes public debate.