Acknowledgement of the Sámi people

OCA acknowledges the Sámi as one people, and as the Indigenous people of the Fennoscandian region. On the land of this region, Sápmi, the Sámi people have lived since time immemorial, respectfully harvesting from nature by fishing, farming, hunting and following reindeer, amongst other activities.


Recipients 2023

Artica Svalbard
28 Jul – 31 Aug 2023

Helene Sommer

Helene Sommer

Helene Sommer is a visual artist based in Oslo. Through video, text and installation she questions the way we understand and relate to our surroundings and its history, particularly in regard to the the premises and politics of the sciences. She is interested in the multiple levels of translation, interpretation and rhetorical devices that are involved in all storytelling.

During her residency at Artica Svalbard Sommer will research and reflect on how different traces of records relate and correspond to each other, and whether it is possible to challenge the idea of what and for whom memories and long time preservation exists. The starting point of Sommer’s curiosity lays on the moment when images migrate through material transformation and how the transformation and the material itself, covey history.

She graduated from the National Academy of Art in Oslo in 2003 and has since shown her work in galleries, museums and festivals.

16 Aug – 9 Oct 2023

Nikhil Vettukattil

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Nikhil Vettukattil (b. 1990, Bengaluru, India) Artist and writer who lives and works in Oslo. Using a range of media such as sound, installation, performance, text, sculpture, and video, his practice questions modes of representation and image-making processes in their relation to lived experiences.

During his residency at Artica Svalbard Vettukattil will continue his researching on a new project about food and diet, specifically in relation to the ‘Nordic diet’ and the influence of imported and exported food. He is particularly interested in how to make a relational art project that can address the cost of food, and connect this to a necessary transition into an ecologically viable nutritional model. Vettukattil plans to model the cost of such a ‘locally sourced’ diet in relation to wages, to question habits of consumption, issues of class, and imagine alternative future scenarios.

He has previously exhibited at venues such as Kunsthall Oslo (2022), Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo (2022), K-U-K, Trondheim (2021), CAPC, Bordeaux (2021), Art Hub Copenhagen (2021), K4 Galleri, Oslo (2021), Louise Dany, Oslo (2020), EKA Gallery, Tallinn (2020), Kristiansand Kunsthall (2020), and Le Bourgeois, London (2019). Forthcoming exhibitions include Counterimaginaries at Tromsø Kunstforening (February 2023), and a duo show with Halvor Rønning at FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna (May 2023). He is a member of the art collectives Tenthaus and Carrie, as well as a part of Atelier Kunstnerforbundet and the Institute for Scene Experiments. As part of Tenthaus, he will co-curate the MOMENTUM 12 Biennale opening May 2023.

31 May – 7 Jul 2023

Yamile Calderón


Yamile Calderón is an artist born in Colombia, based in Oslo. She studied photography at Bergen National Academy of Arts. She has recently published her second photo book, “Narcos & Homes", and was awarded Bildende Kunstnernes Hjelpefonds (BKH) Fotokunstprisen 2020 (Photo Art Prize).

Calderón has participated in various collective exhibitions and has presented her work internationally in Pingyao China, Hong Kong, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Kiel, New York, and Oslo. In Oslo her work has been presented at Oslo Kunstforerning, Kunstnernes Hus, Noplace, Fotogalleriet, Galleri BOA and Galleri Brandstrup. Calderon’s work is inspired by memories from her childhood and personal stories. By approaching the documentary genre from a subjective perspective, she explores visual and narrative strategies and the interpretation of reality.

During her residency at Artica Svalbard she is interested in documenting and exploring the transition of the focus on economic source, between using the mining activity in Svalbard, towards focusing on education, research and turism. Calderón is particulary interested on the repercusions of this transition on the landscape, the environment, and the social impact on Svalbard.