Acknowledgement of the Sámi people

OCA acknowledges the Sámi as one people, and as the Indigenous people of the Fennoscandian region. On the land of this region, Sápmi, the Sámi people have lived since time immemorial, respectfully harvesting from nature by fishing, farming, hunting and following reindeer, amongst other activities.


Artica Svalbard

Are you interested in a residency at Artica Svalbard?

OCA is a key partner of Artica Svalbard, one of the northernmost artist and writer residency programmes in the world. As key partner we are responsible for nominating artists for their residency programme and supporting them curatorially, as well as playing an active role in other projects as part of Artica Svalbard’s vision. In 2019 OCA co-curated Artica Listens.

Artica Svalbard’s residency programme in Longyearbyen is the cornerstone of Artica Svalbard’s work on the archipelago of Svalbard. The residency offers artists the opportunity to reside, participate, immerse, create and present art across all genres. The foundation aims to raise awareness and ask questions about the polar region's relevance in themes such as art and culture, climate change and ecology, geopolitics, migration and minority communities.

Artica Svalbard provides travel and per diem, access to a studio space, print workshop and introductions to the local scientific community. Residents are nominated based on invitation by OCA with a minimum stay of four weeks. Annual selections are made in November for residencies the following year.

If you have an interest in the polar regions or a project connected to the Arctic and northern communities, we would love to hear from you.

Expressions of interest are open for a minimum of four week residency at Artica Svalbard. If this is of interest to you and you would like to participate or learn more, please contact OCA team member, Itzel Esquivel.

Selection of Previous Artists Nominated by OCA