Press Releases : 2014/08

Concerts at OCA in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Published 2014/08/27

Ida Lundén. Photo:

Norsk versjon



Wednesday 17 September 2014, 18:00

Thursday 18 September 2014, 13:00

Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Nedre gate 7, 0551 Oslo l

OCA has the pleasure to announce a multi-part collaboration with Ultima during 2014–15. This starts with the two concerts The Electronic North I and II, organised in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. The concerts form part of the Nordic Music Days 2014 hosted by Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival in collaboration with the Norwegian Society of Composers, presenting a wide range of music by Nordic composers and ensembles. One of the leading contemporary music festivals in the Nordic region, the Ultima Festival aims to promote artistic distinctiveness, trends and innovation and to make music of a high artistic standard accessible by everyone. Ultima 2014 focuses on how a local musical identity is expressed in the context of an international, digital world. The concerts are free and open to everyone.

The Electronic North I
Wednesday 17 September, 18:00

Inaugurating the Nordic Music Days 2014 programme, the concert at OCA will feature a selection of contemporary electronic music. Composer and performer Ida Lundén will present Songs My Mothers Taught Me for female cellist; Maija Hynninen’s Borrowed Tunes 1: Dead Man Theme builds on Neil Young’s soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man; and Osmo Tapio Räihälä’s Seurat I combines violin, kantele and live electronics.
The concert is supported by Norwegian Society of Composers.

The Electronic North II
Thursday 18 September, 13:00

A lunch-time concert with Thuridur Jonsdóttir, Risto Holopainen and Rikhardur H Fridriksson. In Jonsdóttirs INNI – Musica da Camera, the fragile harmonics of a baroque violin interact with a soundscape generated from an infant’s murmur, with an ancient lullaby woven into the texture. Risto Holopainen’s algorithmic composition Spielraums employs systems associated with computer games. Rikhardur H Fridriksson’s Three Pieces on the Nature of Iceland examines the extraordinary sonic qualities of Iceland’s natural environment.
The concert is supported by Norwegian Society of Composers.

A talk on new music and streaming with Music Norway, Nordic Playlist and others will follow the concert.

For more information, please contact Cathrine Nysæther, Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival’s Head of Information.

Office for Contemporary Art Norway

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