Press Releases : 2014/04

A concert by Kim Myhr in trio with Morten Olsen and Valerio Tricoli

Published 2014/04/30

Kim Myhr upon the solo concert at OCA 9 April 2014. Photo: OCA/Espen Hagestrand

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A concert by Kim Myhr in trio with Morten Olsen and Valerio Tricoli at OCA

Organised in collaboration with the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Wednesday 7 May, 19:00

Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Nedre gate 7, 0551 Oslo l

In connection with the exhibition ‘Unwoven World: Beyond the Pliable Plane’, OCA is pleased to announce a multispeaker performance by Kim Myhr in trio with percussionist Morten Olsen and Valerio Tricoli on analogue tape. The concert is organised in collaboration with the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and follows the solo concert held by Myhr on 9 April at OCA, on the occasion of the exhibition opening. The concert on 7 May will be the first time Myhr, Olsen and Tricoli perform together. In close relation with the exhibited material, they will move the audience towards the abyss of acoustics, with the sound spatialised into a multi-speaker set-up creating an immersive situation of electronic and acoustic sound.

About the Exhibition
‘Unwoven World: Beyond the Pliable Plane’ presents the works of Norwegian artists Brit Fuglevaag, Elisabeth Haarr and Sidsel Paaske, who in the 1970s explored the domestic sphere and the everyday consumer object. These artists engaged in an intensive quest for a return to traditional crafts, emphasising the profound need to explore alternative creative modes, systems and media. Using weaving techniques, textiles and seriality, they insisted on the communicative role of the two-dimensional surface as one that moves beyond the mere picture. Click here to read more.

About the artists
Kim Myhr
(b.1981 in Oslo, lives and works in Oslo) is an active voice of the creative music scene in Norway, both as a composer and as a guitarist. His solo music explores the acoustic possibilities of the 12-string guitar, and can remind the listener of the early music of György Ligeti and Morton Feldman, but it also contains the energy and simplicity of American folk music. As a composer Myhr wrote Stems and Cages in 2009 for the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra featuring Sidsel Endresen, and In the End his Voice will be the Sound of Paper for the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival in 2012, this time featuring the voice of Jenny Hval. In 2014 Myhr, Endresen and Hval launched on a collaboration with video arist Kjell Bjørgeengen. Myhr frequently writes music for dance productions, where he has collaborated with choreographers and dance companies such as Francesco Scavetta and WEE. He is the co-owner of the record company SOFA together with Martin Taxt, Ingar Zach and Ivar Grydeland.

Morten Olsen (b.1981 in Stavanger, Norway, lives and works in Stavanger and Berlin, Germany) is a musician, composer and techno DJ. Olsen mainly plays percussion within selected forms of experimental music. He works with a sound palette that includes orchestral music, electronical music, improvised music and rock. Olsen has performed throughout Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia and has released more than forty records on ten different labels.

Valerio Tricoli (b.1977 in Palermo, Italy, lives and works in Berlin) is a composer, musician, sound installation artist, sound engineer, producer and curator. His compositions bridge musique concrète and conceptual forms of sound, either recorded or as a synthetically-modeled sound. He plays live music with electronic instruments such as reel-to-reel tape recorders, synthesizers, microphones, light effects and ultrasonic speakers. Tricoli is one of the founders of the Bowindo label/collective and the band 3/4HadBeenEliminated.

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OCA would like to thank NOTAM - Norwegian center for technology in music and the arts, for technical support.


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