Press Releases : 2013/07

MoMA presents 'Soundings' with Jana Winderen and Camille Norment

Published 2013/07/30

Camille Norment, Triplight, 2008. Courtesy of the artist


'Soundings: A Contemporary Score'

Curators: Barbara London and Leora Morinis

Dates: 8 August–3 November 2013
Press Preview: 31 July / 10am

From 10 August to 3 November 2013 the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) presents 'Soundings: A Contemporary Score', the first group exhibition at MoMA to single out sound as a form of artistic expression and is one of the first of its kind in New York. The exhibition brings together a collection of works by sixteen artists who are actively exploring sound with projects that draw attention to the mutability of sensory experiences.

'Sound art is still a relatively unexplored and undefined territory, which opens up the possibility for artists’ to break new ground within this field.' The artists in the exhibition link sound both to the other human senses and to a variety of metaphysical and philosophical projects and their works span in a range from immersive tuned environments to sound-emitting objects to conceptual schematics on paper. 'With an extensive understanding of art, architecture, performance, computer programming, philosophy and music, the artists move between different mediums, while listening and hearing remain essential to their practice.'

'In a time where sound experiences are becoming increasingly private - through ear-buds and headphones and personal tailored playlists - shared and dynamic aural spaces are increasingly significant and rare. 'Soundings’ is intended to be a shared social experience and an examination of how and what we hear and what we might make out of it.'

'Soundings' includes works by artists Camille Norment and Jana Winderen. Norment will present Triplight, a light sculpture consisting of a 1955 Shure microphone, lights and electronic components, while Winderen will present her work Ultrafield, a sixteen channel sound installation investigating the sounds of underwater insects and hunting bats recorded close to urban areas in and around Oslo.

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About the Artists
Camille Norment (b.1970 in Silver Spring, MD, USA, lives and works in Oslo, Norway) has studied at NYU, New York, NY, USA and at The Whitney Independent Study Program, New York, NY, USA. She is a multi-media artist who works with both visual and sonic elements, with an interest in the tensions created by contradictory sensory experiences. Her work has been presented at Gasser and Grunert Gallery, New York, NY; Henie Onstad Art Centre, Bærum, Norway; Luleå Konsthal, Luleå, Sweden; September Gallery, Berlin, Germany; Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, Switzerland; The National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway; Space Studios, London, UK and Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jana Winderen (b.1965 in Bodø, Norway, lives and works in Oslo, Norway) is a sound artist educated in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London, UK, with a background in mathematics and chemistry from the University of Oslo. Her recent works include Water Signal, presented as part of 'stilspotting nyc' at the Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY, USA; Energy Field Installation and Scuttling around in the Shallows, Galerie B-312, Montréal, Canada; Scuttling around in the shallows, version II, ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Between Dry Land, commissioned for the installation The Morning Line by Matthew Ritchie for Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Istanbul, Turkey; Colonizers of the undergrowth, 'Botanic Sounds', Gothenburg, Sweden and North Atlantic Drift, JunKroom, Kyoto, Japan.

OCA Support
The participation of Camille Norment and Jana Winderen in 'Soundings: A Contemporary Score' at the Museum of Modern Art has been supported by OCA's International Support programme.


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