Press Releases : 2006/10

KHOJ International Artists' Association

Published 2006/10/26

KHOJ in the midst of the urban village of Khirkee Extension

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KHOJ International Artists' Association is a autonomous artist led initiative which was set up in 1997 in New Dehli, India. Since its inception, its direction has been towards the empowerment of so called third world artists and their cross cultural bonding outside racial biases and for an exchange of flow of information along alternative lines. Over the past 8 years artists from Iran, Egypt, Cuba, Argentina, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and several countries in Africa, have participated in workshops and residencies.

Director Pooja Sood has been part of OCA's International Studio Programme in October 2006. Her research resulted in the following placements:

Marianne Heier

Born 1969 in Oslo, lives and works in Oslo

Residency period: January/October–November 2007.

By applying her work as gifts or services on everyday situations, Heier aims to challenge society's conventions on status and hierarchies. A gift can never be neutral, and therefore always works as a destabilising factor. Heier's art projects are intended to activate or charge already existing contexts by introducing new energy, which lead to a concrete physical change in pre-existing situations. By pointing to possible alternative interpretations of existing situations and power structures, she wants her projects to function as a constructive critique. Projects such as Permanent Installation(SparwasserHQ, Berlin, 2005), Construction Site (National Gallery, Oslo, 2005/2006),Cracking Concrete (Galleria Fabia Calvasina, Milano, 2000), A drop in the ocean(Bjørvika, Oslo, 2005) and Underground (University of Trento, Faculty of Economics, 2004) are some examples of her artistic interest and method.

Tone Hansen

Born 1970, lives and works in Oslo

Residency period: February 2007

Tone Hansen is an artist who writes. Currently she is working as a research fellow at the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo. 2001-2003 She was Chair of UKS (Young Artists Society), Oslo. She was actively involved in establishing the forum Institute for Art and Theory. Projects include: 2006: Anthology What Does "Public" Mean? Art as a Participant in the Public Arena, Norwegian Sculpture Biennial, Oslo; Poster project for The Subway; Conference The New Administration of Aesthetics. 2005: Appendix, The National Gallery, Oslo. Hansen has written texts for IASPIS (Stockholm), Derivé (Austria) and several art magazines and publications as well as newspapers. Founding member of the society Freie Klasse at Kunstakademiet. For more

Lene Berg

Born in 1965 in Oslo, lives and works in Oslo and Stockholm

Residency period: November and December 2007.

Lene Berg was educated a film director at a Drama Institute in Stockholm. She works with video and installations, photography and text. Several of her projects have their point of departure in so called documentary material without that necessarily being the most important, or being a priority in the result. In recent years, she has worked with public spaces, including the project Darwin in Warsaw (2005) on the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Berg won the Elephant Award at the Nordic biennial Momentum in 2000 with her video 33 minutter. The video follows a boxing match from its preparations, throughout the match and onto that which transpires after. The last time she exhibited a major work in Norway was at the Young Artist Society (UKS) Biennial in 2001 where she showed the video installation Body is Found Fully Clothed on Bed with Pistol Wound under Heart, a re-staging of the matchstick king Ivar Kreuger's death/suicide. Berg's first solo exhibition in Oslo entitled Gentlemen & Arseholes opened 21 October, at No 9 i Eksil. She will show two parts of a project about art and propaganda during the Cold War, with the organisation "The Congress for Cultural Freedom", secretly financed by the CIA, as a point of departure. Berg has participated in a number of group exhibitions and had multiple solo shows and projects abroad, mainly in Spain and Germany. She has taught and had workshops at several art schools in Scandinavia, among others on Kunstakademiet in Stockholm og Kunst & Håndverk in Oslo. She's in the board of the recently started Prosjektskolen in Oslo.

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The International Studio Programme OSLO:

International artists are invited by OCA to the International Studio Programme Oslo for a stay from two weeks up to six months, independently or in connection with exhibitions or other collaborations in Norway. The programme comprises four studios located in the city centre of Oslo.

Office for Contemporary Art Norway

The Office for Contemporary Art Norway is a private foundation and was founded by The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Fall 2001. The main aim of the Office for Contemporary Art Norway is to develop collaborations in contemporary art between Norway and the international art scene. The Office for Contemporary Art Norway aims to become a profiled contributor to the discourses of contemporary art.