Press Releases : 2006/09

Belgrade Biennale - Norwegian Artists participating at the 47th October Salon

Published 2006/09/29

Old Man Going Up and Down a Staircase, #79, 2003, Vibeke Tandberg



29 September — 5 November, 2006
the 47th October Salon
Belgrade, The Republic of Serbia


Matias Faldbakken

Born 1973 in Hobro, Denmark, lives and works in Oslo

Goksøyr & Martens

Toril Goksøyr born in 1970 and Camilla Martens in 1969 in Oslo. Both live and work in Oslo

Kim Hiorthøy

Born 1973 in Trondheim, lives and works in Oslo and Berlin

Vibeke Tandberg

Born 1967 in Oslo, lives and works in Oslo

The collapse of political systems, the dissolution of existing value systems, and the massive social changes brought about by globalization are leading to an ever greater sense of insecurity. Traditional structures are challenged, as confusion mounts as to which values and social orders are to hold valid for our coexistence with each other (secular society versus religion; the reconstruction of middle-class values in the context of neoliberalism and neoconservatism; the renaissance of fundamentalist and extremist forces, just to give a few examples). A strong need for orientation and redirection can be observed, and the search for perspectives and worldviews is no longer restricted to within national borders but now requires international dialogue.

What is the relationship between art and life with all its confusion today? The exhibitionArt, Life & Confusion addresses this question and presents artists of different generations and nationalities, whose works look at social and political issues.

The exhibition shows how different generations of artists have dealt with the question of the relationship between art and life, and at the same time it is to be understood as an open dialogue between generations and nations. One clear result is that art is still intervening socially and politically today and still has its own kind of orientation to offer.

These ideas set forth by the project's curator, Rene Block, will be reflected in an exhibition that will be spread over the whole of Belgrade. The use of various locations in a number of quarters of the city will allow visitors moving through the city both to see the art on show and also to experience the city of Belgrade and encounter the people who live there. What visitors see in the exhibition spaces can then be linked back to life and tested in terms of its relevance for everyday life. The more abstract way in which art thematizes personal and social change is therefore also related to the real changes that are taking place in the city of Belgrade itself.

For further information, please contact Dovarka Tolic at the press office of the biennale or
Siri Koren Furre at OCA.

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